Thursday, March 19, 2009

Runway with Miss J

Miss J showed the girls just how fabulous his runway walk really is when he took them through his etiquette and runway course. Past antm models, Chantel and Bianca, were there to help demonstrate what it means to show respect to the models who are with you on the runway. I, for one, thought Chantel was an interesting choice for this particular episode since she knocked a dude off his stilts during her final runway challenge for the top model crown on Cycle 9 in China.

But this is Cycle 12, so who had the best runway walk and who bombed it? Natalie impressed J the most with her confidence, and even though the rest of the girls thought Natalie was being a egotistic bitch back at the house, she really is good at runway. Celia does a great job too and models from head to toe. I think runway is a strong point for Aminat and Sandra as well.

Tahlia needs to work on her confidence because other than that, she looks good on the runway. Fo needed some work at practice, but later she showed that she can take advice well. The worst was poor awkward Allison. I think she has the potential to get better, she just needs a little practice.

Drama ensued back at the house before the runway challenge the next day when the girls were playing "truth or dare" and Natalie pulled the truth question..."Who do you think had the worst photo other than Jessica last week?" First of all, let me say that whoever fucking put that question in the hat is an evil bitch. Come to think of it, it was probably Sandra or Natalie anyway... but Natalie's answer was Tahlia. I might have personally chosen Kortnie for that title, but Tahlia's was nothing to cheer about either. She took the comment personally, but felt so much better after she had a chance to talk to her sister on the phone for support later in the week.

The runway challenge was to walk in a show for famous American designer, Jill Stuart. Also judging the challenge was Ann Shokett, seventeen magazine's editor in chief. Natalie did a crazy twirl in the middle trying to stand out, and even though they dogged her for it, they still gave her the top prize for looking so confident on the runway. Celia was sort of the runner up, but she didnt get anything for it. When they announced the Natalie was the winner, all the other girls sort of clenched their teeth. I don't think most of them like her too much, and I forsee some crazy arguments to come. Overall, I thought the clothes were really beautiful and the girls did a pretty good job.

The photo shoot was a fun idea. They all piled onto a big red bus and parked in different famous Manhattan places where they were asked to portray a certain type of person. Allison and Naija ended up in the bottom two this week as neither of them were able to get into character and play their part. Naija was paired up with Kortnie and was supposed to be a soho artist. Kortnie's picture showed potential, but Naija just looked flat and uninteresting again this week. Allison was paired with London on Fifth avenue, portraying high society snobs. For some reason, Allison just sort of freaked herself out and couldn't produce a great photograph. I was so relieved to see her stay though, because she really does seem to have some potential.

At the top of the pack was Sandra who was paired with Celia as a nanny on the upper east side. I think both of them look fabulous, but personally, the picutre of Fo and Aminat was my favorite. THey portrayed wall street stock brokers and for me, there is just so much attitude and awesome in this photo. I was so glad to see that Fo got over her baby shit about her hair cut.

In the end Naija was the one sent home. Next week, Benny Ninja takes the models to a transgender strip club? to teach them all about posing. That should be fun. I hope there's a Tyra impersonator.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration