Thursday, March 12, 2009

Makeovers! Week 2

I always love watching the makeover shows. It's gotten a lot more fun since Tyra and the Jay's stopped telling the girls what to expect and just starting DOING it. There's a lot less whining and more excitement. This year, the show is in New York, so of course, the girls headed to the John Barrett salon at Bergdorf Goodman's. There was no doubt they were in good hands.

Sandra got the shortest hair, since hers was already super short, Tyra had them even it out and dye it blonde. I think it serves her well, but the problem with Sandra is that she doesn't have enough passion on her beautiful face when she takes pictures to really be as strong of a model as she has the potential of being. Several of the girls got long extensions, which is usually my favorite look. As a shock, though, Fo and Celia got their hair chopped off. Celia was really the one who had more reason to cry, I thought, because he long blonde hair was truly beautiful. Instead, though, I was very proud of her when she took it all in stride and said that she found her new shorter hair "liberating". She owned it in her photos this week also.

Now Fo is a different story. She is the one girl who got an F- on her makeover exam this year. She looks cute as hell, but simply felt "butch" and couldn't get over the fact that she looked like the "girl next door's brother". She once again proved that attitude is 90% of this competition by falling short on her photo shoot with Nigel simply because of her makeover angst.

My favorite makeover? Allison! THey took the bug-eyed dark haired freakish girl and turned her into a goddess. She still has a freak in her, but her new long blonde locks give her something special. I also like London's super short blonde hair now too. It accentuates her face much like McKey's haircut helped her out last season. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, Tyra had nothing she wanted to change about a model: Natalie did not even get a makeover. Mister Jay told her she was a model from "head to toe" and they wouldn't change a thing. We'll see in time if that helps her or hurts her. I kind of tend to agree that her hair is really very pretty the way it is.

The modeling challenge this week was another Walmart makeup display. Since there are no Walmarts in New York (What?? They can't afford the rent or what??), Covergirl brought their typical Walmart display to the girls and tasked them with finding a suitable "model" on the streets, introducing her to the wall of covergirl, then putting the makeup on her in a flattering style. The girls were paired up, and the winning group this week was Aminat, Sandra and Celia. I thought it was cool that the group was able to keep from arguing, especially after Aminat told Sandra point blank that "the better girl went home" and that the house was hoping Sandra would get the boot. It's a good sign that they didn't start arguing. Of course, Sandra didn't say much of anything. She more or less road Aminat and Celia's coattails and won a feature in a Covergirl Walmart display.

Nigel Barker was this week's photographer. Their photoshoot was also about being in groups (of 4 this time) as the lead girl in the photo held up two curling iron looking lights and held them up in order to light herself in the picture. I thought it was a good learning/teaching exercise that would quickly show which girls were good at finding and creating their own light and which girls have skills when it comes to posing. The best photo of the week this week? Teyona! Girl owned that photo shoot. She was all over the set, had passion in her eyes, and she knew how to light herself up.

Some of my other favorites this week were Celia, Allison and London. TO me, everyone else fell a little bit flat. It was honestly a shock to me that Tahlia and Kortnie weren't on the chopping block after their photos went sailing down. Neither of them have shown much potential in my opinion. They better step it up or get ready to step out.

In the end, it was Sandra and Jessica who ended up in the bottom 2. To be fair, Jessica's picture was terrible. You could see that she was completely clueless about where the lighting was. I think that out of all of the girls, she was by far the prettiest as far as traditional "pretty" goes, but if you are a fan of top model, you already know that pretty only goes so far. Being a model is so much more than that, and Jessica just couldn't get there fast enough and was eliminated.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration