Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let the Drama Begin! - Episode 4

Woo, tonight the drama really began, and I have a feeling it is only going to heat up from here. With only 10 models left in the competition, the claws and the insecurities are coming out. Sandra really set the tone for the episode when she walked in, saw her picture on the screen and exclaimed, "My picture shows that I'm better than all the other girls." We'll see about that.

The guest stars this week included Tocarra, the big, black beautiful model from cycle 3, and famous pose instructor Benny Ninja. Tocarra showed up at the house for a sleep over, bearing gifts of night-wear from Mira Kelis. I have to just mention that these were some of the hottest and cutest little sleepshirts and shorts I have ever seen. I want to run out and buy some for myself ASAP!

Tocarra was there to talk to the girls about "personality", something she herself has in spades, but which is lacking from most of the girls of cycle 12. Out of everyone, I would say that Fo seems to have one of the cutest personalities. I just wish she would step up a bit and really show it, because right now she's blending in a bit more than she should.

Sky Nella, an austrailian Model turned DJ spun some beats of different styles while Benny showed the girls how to pose with the music. WHen he let them all give it a show, only London, Aminat, and Celia stood out to me. Everyone else, especially Allison, Tahlia, and Sandra, fell flat.

Their challenge, of course, was then all about posing. They were sparkly sexy dresses from "The Blonds" and participated in a model pose-off in front of a huge crowd at The Mansion. Although something about Celia's face kind of creeps me out (and she looks a bit too old to be a new young model in my opinion), she simply "fragged off the energy" of the crowd and came up with a very dominant win. Natalie came in second, and I think Fo showed herself well. Tahlia was the one with the most boo's from the crowd, prompting her to run home and drown herself in a sea of "I want to go home" tears.

Here, my friends, is where the drama begins. All of the other girls were pretty much pissed that she is ready to give up. There seems to be one every season that doesn't take things seriously or doesn't really have what it takes, but the truth is, we all have insecurities. It doesn't make Tahlia worthless in the competition. It just makes her a scared, scarred 19 year old girl who is still finding herself. If the models in the house were smart, they would realize that she's not going to win if she doesn't have the confidence to feel good about staying... so they should just let it go.... More to come so hold that thought.

No group photo shots this week... oh wait, yes there were! Is it just me or is this the year of the group photo?? Although the models did not have to pose in groups with each other, Benny Ninja was posing as their husband and there was a gaggle of small children around them as they all pretended to be immigrants landing at Ellis Island.

To capture an authentic photo of immigrants, the photographer used a special old camera (can't remember now what it was called) that shot very slow frames in a very authentic antique style. The models were asked to bring somewhat of a modern twist to this antique photo, but most simply couldn't relate to the rest of the group. Sandra, whose photo was the best last week, ended up in the bottom of the pile this week. Bottom two in fact.

Fo and London gave profile shots while everyone else in the group was staring at the camera, making it look just wrong. Natalie and Celia did not really come alive in their photographs either, which was a big disappointment after some good photos from them in the past. Aminat's photo was one of her best to date, and Teyona's was actually stunning. It's too bad Teyona never really looks good in panel. They "fixed" her makeover weave last week, but now it's all stringy again. I am thinking she just doesn't have a clue of how to take care of it.

In the end, the best photo of the bunch was.... ready for it?? TAHLIA!! Little miss, I want to go home, was able to pull herself together and give some of the best photos of the competition thus far. Tyra told her she needs to work on her confidence, and I am hoping that this win will start to help her to believe in herself. If she really wants to go home, she should step up and quit. Allison's photo was also worth mentioning. She may not have done a great job with her posing, but damn, she can take a stunning and interesting photograph!

Kortnie's photo, which was completely devoid of personality and poise, put her in the bottom 2, battling with Sandra for a precious spot in the final 9. I guess the judges just see more potential in Sandra, asking her to stay even though she was in the bottom 2 for the second time. Kortnie took the criticism well and even kept a great attitude when she was eliminated.

Celia stepped forward when Kortnie was told she was going home, and my heart almost stopped. No! She's not going to do what I think she's going to do! But then she opened her mouth and said, "Tyra, with all due respect, I think you should know what Tahlia has been saying all week. She wants to go home and she doesn't think this competition is the right career move for her. I just think it isn't fair to send someone home when they want to be here and she doesn't."

There was total silence in the room as everyone waited to see what Tyra was going to say. If I was Tahlia, I might have tackled the bitch, but Tahlia, true to her personality, did not say a word. Tyra, however, did. "You want to know what's not fair?" she asked. "You saying this now in front of everyone when Tahlia has not expressed any of this to me or the judges. Our decision is final, you may step down."

I was half expecting a Tiffany moment when Tyra tore her a new one back in the day. I agree with Celia that it's totally unfair for Tahlia to be there and to be doing well in the judging when she doesn't want to be there anymore. However, life (and modeling) is unfair. You better get used to it honey. Because when you step out and "tattle" on someone like that, it only makes you look like a bitch who is jealous and out to sabotage someone.

You could see on Celia's face (probably because of the tears) that she was very very sorry she said anything. I think she was shocked by Tyra's reprimand, but she's 25 freaking years old. She should have known better. She should probably also realize that Tyra's watching clips of them at the house and she knows exactly what's going on. It just was the WRONG time to say something like that. Especially since the judges were lovin' them some Tahlia at panel. If she had been bottom 2, okay maybe say something. But Top picture of the week? Shut your mouth! I have a feeling Celia could be the next to go.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration