Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cycle 12 Begins!!

As Goddesses in the city of sin, 34 women made their way to Las Vegas in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. All of the girls had their chance to impress the judges with their interviews, swimsuit body and their posing. I think the first cuts seemed to be pretty clear.

When breaking the news to the girls, Mister and Miss Jay let them go up to small boxes with their names on them. Inside was either a golden crown or not... In honor of Vegas, they chose 21 semi-finalists. Those 21 girls were given one last chance to impress the judges in a "Goddess" photo shoot.

Each girl was given a Goddess to emulate. For example, "The Goddess of Love", "The Goddess of Justice", "The Goddess of Pride"... and so on. For the most part, you could see which girls already had some experience modeling and which ones did not. Of course, ANTM is not about how much experience a girl already has, but rather how quickly they can learn to become a better model.

The highlight of the entire photo shoot was what was going on behind the scenes. Ghetto-fabulous Angelea with her long crazy fingernails and her fake hair showed us all that she "Won't let people pull her buttons." I myself have never pulled a button, but sometimes I do like to push buttons. /shrug. Sandra said something about the way she looked and Angelea went nuts. Lesson number one of how to make it to the finals of any competition is don't argue and show your ass in front of the judges and the people who matter in the competition.

When the final decisions were announced and of course there were the usual tears and cheers. Cycle 12 finalists are: Aminat (the cool black girl with a fro); Natalie; Fo (the Blaxican with freckles and my personal fave); Allison (of the bug eyes aka the token awkward girl); Tahlia (the not skinny, but not plus-size burn victim); Celia (25 year old beautiful and fun blonde); Najia (very pretty but doesn't really stand out for me); London (the interesting Jesus-freak); Tiyana (wind-tunnel face girl); Kortnie (plus size ex of Dale Earnhardt junior); Isabella (fresh and fun dirty blonde who also has epilepsy, but doesn't seem to want to let it hold her back); Jessica (the "prettiest" who will probably become known as commercial); and finally Sandra (the African girl who thinks she's got this whole thing in the bag and has DRAMA written all over her prominent forehead bone)

This season will be taking place in NYC again and the girls will be living on the Upper East Side for the very first time. Hell, just getting to live there for a few weeks (or months) would make it all worth it for me. This is shaping up to be a great and drama-filled season.


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