Friday, January 16, 2009


Unfortunately, I only made it halfway through last season of America's Next Top Model before I slacked off on the website recaps. I did watch the show, however. How could I miss it? McKey was the big winner, and I really think she deserved it. Personally, Analeigh was my very favorite, but I think McKey just sort of looked more like a traditional high fashion model by the end.

I will be back with more recaps next season and will hopefully be able to post all the way through. As for now, I am writing recaps of American Idol. If you are interested in that show as well, check it out at . The show is just now in the audition phase and it will still be about three or four weeks before the regular Hollywood auditions kick in. There seems to be some good talent around so far, so be sure to keep up with it if you can. Thanks for visiting! And I'll see you next season of ANTM!
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration