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Episode 5 Recap: Clark is Eliminated

I know it's mean to cheer when someone gets sent home, but there have rarely been contestants on this show that I wanted to see kicked off more than I did Clark. I was even inspired to start chanting, "Clark's going home, Clark's going home" after her photo shoot. I am so mean, I know, but Clark was more wrong than Paulina's poochy stomach flash this week. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Only nine girls left in America's Next Top Model, and as they returned to their house post-Isis elimination, Clark's winning photo was greeting them. "Fierce. Strong. Blew me away." was plastered over her picture, and you could just see the cocky on her face as she walked through the door. "It's lonely at the top," she chided, while poor Marjorie's confidence plumeted. The house was dominated this week by girls trying to find their positivity, but in the background, Marjorie was there with her nerves and her "cultural" tendency towards the negative.


At the challenge this week, Paulina greeted the girls at a run down warehouse. She was wearing a hideous blue suit that didn't fit her at all. Why she felt the need to lift the shirt up to reveal her tiny pouch belly, I have no idea, but I was happy when she changed out of that and into a simple black tank top and jeans. She looked so much more beautiful in that simple outfit than she ever does at panel.

Paulina's challenge to the girls was to give them all clothes that didn't fit and give them five minutes to find tools to make it fit well enough to be photographed. They were given clips and soda cans, water bottles and padding for their bras. While everyone was rushing around stuffing things in their pants to make them tighter in front and clipping wherever they could, Marjorie was pouting in the corner. I know there are a lot of Marjorie fans out there, but I have to say that she lost a lot of respect from me this week. I wanted to scream, "Get over it! Try for goodness sake!" Instead, she sort of gave up, and then when Paulina criticized her outfit, she cried and blamed it on her parents being French.

After the girls paraded their fitted outfits in front of Paulina, she declared that Samantha was the absolute worst while McKey was the very best. I have to say, even though Samantha makes a lot of bad decisions, at least she isn't afraid to try new things and fail as long as she can keep learning. Her bad choice this week was to completely change her outfit by altering the clothes rather than just making them fit. This is generally a bad idea when you are supposed to be modeling the clothes for a catalog that people will order from. McKey, on the other hand, put a soda can in the back of the pants and clipped them to make her outfit look fabulous... from the front. As the winner, she gets fifty extra frames in this week's photo shoot.

THE SHOOT: A Force to Be Reckoned With

The very creative shoot this week was all about "Destructive Giants". In order to really get them pumped for the shoot, Jay Manuel dressed up yet again this season. This time, though, he was no prince, opting instead for a scary monster to bring his point across. "It is important to really come through and make an impact, even with a bunch of makeup on."

The photographer, Brian Edwards, was picked by Tyra after she walked into Elite one day and saw the pictures he had recently taken of Jaslene from Cycle 8. The set was miniaturized in order to make the models, who were dressed up in a very 60's style, look like giants. They were each given a different "Natural Disaster" (or at least LA disaster) to portray.

Elina was an Earthquake, but she didn't really get into the spirit of it until the last frame. Sheena was a sandstorm and Jay liked her variety. At panel later on, Nigel really said that he loved this shot of Sheena because she brings so much life and personality to her shot, to which Paulina quipped "With her personality, but not with her looks." Ever confident Clark walked on the set saying, "I'm confident" but then proceded to give a very boring portrayal of a blackout. I honestly think she just lucked into a good picture last week.

Lauren Brie did a pretty snowstorm, while Joslyn slid towards the bottom of the group as a rockslide. Analeigh's photoshoot as the Santa Ana Winds was close to the best of the day, but it was McKey that impressed Jay the most on set. She was trying all kinds of poses and giving it a lot of variety. Jay even said that she didn't need the extra frames. At panel, though, the judges just thought she should have given more. I would love to see the rest of her film, because maybe Tyra just picked a photo that wasn't her best this week.

Samantha brought a lot of energy and creativity to the set in her portrayal of a Tidal Wave. She also looked great in the 60's style hair and makeup! Melodramatic Marjorie did not bring much to the set at all, however. Mr. Jay had to physically walk up to the set and position her arms and legs to make her shoot work. Afterwards she moped and said, "I felt like a fool." Somehow, however, at judging she ended up with a good shot and everyone loved it, which just proves that her lack of confidence is a mystery.

PANEL: Clark goes from #One to #Gone

Just before panel, they showed a clip of Clark in the confessional saying, "I'm number one in this competition right now. I know I'm not going home." Famous last words, I guess. At panel, it was bottom two Samantha who rose to the top this week to win the digital display as best photo of the week. Taking her place at the bottom was a very mediocre, but very surprised Clark.

As for their critiques of the others, the judges, which included guest judge and photographer Brian Edwards, put the girls in the following order:
Samantha was top of the heap with Miss Jay especially going gaga over her "exquisite" photo.
Analeigh didn't blow anyone away, but she was cute and looking good. She was also the only one that the photographer spoke up for, saying that he liked her and was happy with her photo.
McKey could have given it a bit more, but overall they were happy with her picture.
Elina had that "Ugly Pretty" going on in her photo, even though Tyra said the rest of her film was 'boring'.
Marjorie had a good picture and seemed confident enough at panel, but seems to be falling apart.
Lauren Brie takes amazing photos but it's time for her to step it up a notch and stop "resting on pretty."
Sheena was towards the bottom and I can't for the life of me figure out why. The judges seemed to like her picture and her personality.
Joslyn in the bottom two was so sad to see, but she needs to get back to the energy and creativity she was bringing to set at the beginning. Even though she and Clark seemed to be neck and neck with their performance in photo shoots, it was Joslyn's energy and personality that put her on top.
Clark was told that instead of lucking into a fabulous picture, they wanted to see her being great each time. She was sent packing.

I am already really looking forward to next week, because they were showing Tyra giving posing lessons, which is always great fun. She's so crazy, you just never know what she's going to do next. I think she has actually been a little bit reserved this season, and I can't wait to see her bring out the crazy. As for the photo shoot, all they showed was that Elina was scared about her performance because this was the shoot where the models needed to be able to lose control. Should be a good episode!! Thanks for reading and check back each week for a detailed synopsis and more photos.


Kaitlyn said...

Hi! I can't wait for your recap of this week's episode.

I just started watching this show over the last year, thanks to my sister and cycle-long marathons on Vh1/MTV. (I always wish they'd air the recap episodes, but they don't.)

Cycle 10 was the first cycle I watched as it happened. I started with episode 6, I think. But i do know that I saw it on Sunday instead of Wednesday, so I already knew who was going home.

The next week was so hard! For the first time, I didn't know who was going home or who was going to win. It was shocking. I missed the recap episode, though I don't know why.

My sister loved the show pretty much from the start, and I was indifferent. But a year ago or so, I'd watch the panel with my sister, before going back to my book. I liked the pretty pictures.
It took me a while to start watching the rest of the episodes, and I grew to enjoy the challenges and drama.

Now I'm constantly hunting for recaps and I'm glad I found yours. I like your tone.

Kaitlyn said...

About Marjorie, I'm a big fan. This episode clinched it for me, because I often feel like she does.

I'm a great student, but I still get nervous, so while half of me expects a good grade, the other half is nervous. So a good grade is always a pleasant surprise.

I also suffer from depression, and have had to deal with idiots like Samantha. (This episode completely changed my opinion of her. Now she reminds me of Whitney from Cycle 10. Annoying and blonde!)

I'm happy for her that she's never had blue periods, but telling someone to just cheer up NEVER WORKS. Oh, and adding on a "You've got nothing to be upset about - you're great/other people have it worse" is so not good. It adds (more) guilt to the misery. You know you shouldn't feel this way, and yet, you do.

But Marjorie is doing so much better! She was amazing this week and made me laugh. Samantha, well, not as annoying, but still.

Kaitlyn said...

I must say as a Marjorie fan that I see how her mood is annoying.

And it did make me cringe, especially at the panel.

She got some confidence so quickly, though. There were no cringe moments this week!

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