Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The only Asian woman in the competition (which actually is really rare overall for this show) is 21 year old Sheena. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii, but is currently living in Harlem, NY. On the website, they have her listed as a Hostess/Go Go Dancer, but I read in the CW forums that she is actually a rapper/musician. I am not sure if that is true, but I will certainly research that for next week!

Right away, I notice on her video that Sheena has great personal style. She is wearing a beautiful orange top that accentuates her best parts and looks amazing with her skin color. Her hair is also very nice, and I hope they don't cut it all off or dye it blonde or anything in the makeover!!

Sheena said that she had "put her pictures out everywhere" and was contacted by a scout to audition for the show. I don't know exactly what she means about that, but it made me picture her stapling flyers with pictures of herself on telephone poles or something. Anyway, she is a big fan of the show and is determined to make the most of her top model experience. What is she looking forward to the most? Everything, she says. And to learning how to be the very best model that she can be. I like that attitude for sure.

The only really annoying thing about Sheena is the whole "black" talk she's got going on. I guess living in Harlem, that is part of her culture and who she is, but who really wants a high fashion model that says things like "We go hard", "We don't play", and "I'm gonna be a stereotype slasha" ?? I know that's a pretty judgmental comment, but it's weird to see a beautiful Asian woman talking like a gangsta.

Her hippie chic pic is amazing and beautiful, but check out her portfolio pic. It's terrible. Her body looks good, but something about the angle of her face is just wrong. It makes her look like a horse face. Hopefully she will learn her angles and as she says "Bring it!"


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration