Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photos From Week One

I am so excited about a new episode of ANTM tomorrow night! I went to the CW's website to look back over the week one photographs to refresh my memory on the performances from last week. I am so happy that they post their pictures each week! It's always so much fun to go back over them at the end of the season and see how much they really have grown by the end.

This year, Tyra announced that for the first time, the girl who gets her name called first at panel will have her photo displayed digitally in the house until the next elimination. I think this will bring an interesting dynamic to the house. It will certainly make it easy to spot the girls who can't handle the competition very well and who are prone to jealousy! Also, I'm sure that some of the girls who win throughout the season will get a big ego and a sort of "I was the best, so I rule the house" attitude. That would be fun to watch!! I just hope Marjorie, the winner of week one, doesn't continue to put herself down all week. That girl needs some self-confidence!

Here is Marjorie's winning picture:

She definitely photographs beautifully. She looks so mysterious in this photograph, and I love the way she has her legs. They always talk about finding the light, and it looks to me like Marjorie really nailed it in week one. Her skin looks luminous!

The main thing Marjorie needs to overcome is her lack of self-confidence. She got so nervous with Nigel last week when he asked who her favorite photographer is, that she couldn't think of a single photographer's name, and instead of coming up with a witty answer or even just saying that she was drawing a blank, she "um'd" and "hmmm'd" for a few minutes before giving a lame... "You?" Hopefully she finds a way to think better on her feet in future episodes.

Also, I can't be completely sure, but the few times that we've seen her walk, she looked a bit awkward to me. I don't feel like I've seen enough to really give a solid opinion about it yet, but as we all know, the only way you can win this competition is if you can walk. After all, the final "exam" is always a runway show.

The person voted off in week one was Sharaun, and here was her picture:
Honestly, I don't think it could have gotten much worse than this. She was supposed to be portraying Homeland Security, but instead, she looks like a prostitute trying to make a couple bucks at the airport on a Saturday night. Her face looks mean, honestly, but I think she was going for sexy. The sad part is that Mr. Jay was really trying to explain to her what he wanted, but she never really tried any harder or got any better.

I definitely did feel sorry for her after she had said so many times that she knew she was going to win. This girl is a cautionary tale, reminding us all that while we all need confidence, we better have the talent to back it up. If she had been a little bit more humble and little bit less, "I'm already good enough to be a supermodel, so all I'm doing it waiting for you to pick me as the winner," she might have actually stepped back and listened to the directions she was being given on set.

As a side note, however, this picture from Clark was by far my least favorite of the bunch. It doesn't really help that Clark's personality is repulsive to me, either, but come on... do you like this picture? She has a beautiful face, but she just looks completely lost in this photo. And just check out the position of her legs. It looks a bit awkward and strange to me. Time will tell if it was just a bad week, or if this modeling biz is just too much for her to handle.

I think that if the judges get wind of her terrible attitude and blatent prejudices, she will be out faster than Tyra can say, "Oh No She Didn't!"

I also want to take a moment to post my favorite pics from this week. Yes, I think Marjorie's pic was lovely, but I didn't think it was the best. In a way, I think Tyra only called her first because she knew that Marjorie needed a shot in the attitude. This week, I think that there were several better-than-average pictures, but here were my very top 2 favorites:

did an awesome job in her picture this week. As Jay said during her shoot, "She's smiling with her eyes!" To me, she definitely makes voting look sexy! She holds her body well, and her legs look fantastic. There's nothing uncomfortable about her in this picture. She looks patriotic and sexy, exactly what they wanted her to look like.

Her face is absolutely gorgeous in this picture. She has such a beautiful and unique look with her dark hair and pale skin. And we all know that a girl who has already learned Tyra's favorite modeling technique is going to be a tough competitor!

Isis deserves a moment in the spotlight as well. I tried to just pic one favorite for this week, but I couldn't leave Isis out. Anyone who can look this amazing when there are assholes behind you saying ugly things is "fierce" in my book. I am still pissed at those girls for being so rude during her shoot! And everytime I think about it, I am more and more proud of Isis for how she handled it. All too often, people use things like that as a crutch for their shortcomings, but she handled it like a professional model and got her shoot done beautifully. I also like the tenderness that she shows in this picture. The way she holds that ballet to her chest, it really looks like she is concerned about her privacy and her rights. I love it! I will be rooting for her this week. (And praying that she shows up looking better at panel....WTF was she thinking going in there with her hair looking like a ragdoll?)


In the previews for tomorrow's show, it looks like the drama has finally begun! Elina already admitted last week that converting straight girls was a hobby of hers, and by the looks of it, she has her sights set on Clark. That should be interesting to watch! Especially in light of Clark's very conservative small town values. (or at least that what she was claiming when she was dogging Isis)

Also, in another preview, Sheena asks to come forward in panel and says she just has to get something off of her chest. I can't even imagine what it is at this point! She is definitely an outspoken person, but in the first week, we really saw a sensitive and caring girl as well. I wonder if she is going to rat out the other girls for how they are treating Isis? Or maybe she will complain about something that is bothering her. I just hope she doesn't quit!!!

Oh, and Benny Ninja is back!! I can't wait to see what crazy poses they all come up with this year!


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration