Monday, September 1, 2008


Nikeysha is also a 19 year old student, like many of the other contestants this season. She comes from the Bronx, NY and she is crazy. Haaayyy!

Out of the videos I have seen so far, Nikeysha definitely has the most outgoing and bubbly personality. Can this be annoying? Certainly, it can. However, what redeems her for me is her attitude about the competition. She knows that she has some work to do to break into the modeling industry, and she sees Top Model as a springboard towards success. She said that she is most looking forward to being molded into a better model. She wants to be the very best Nikeysha that she can be, and I respect that.

Nikeysha did not mention whether she has modeling experience or not on her video, but from her portfolio picture it looks to me like she does. She has some interesting angles with her body and a fierce look on her face, which to me, looks like she knows a little bit about what she is doing. She is super skinny, though, which to me is not as attractive as someone with a little bit of meat, but this is a modeling competition, so I doubt anyone will fault her for being too thin.

The reason I worry about Nikeysha is that she wants this so badly that she just might screw it up for herself. Sure, she is ready to be "molded" into a better model, but there seems to be a tinge of a self-esteem problem buried in there. I don't think she believes she can really win this competition. She just wants to stay in as long as she can. To do her best though, she needs to start believing that she can win!


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration