Sunday, August 31, 2008


19 year old McKey comes from Lake Forest, Illinois and is a student. Why did she audition for ANTM? According to her, some of her friends told her she should audition because she's good looking. She confessed in her video that she wasn't really into the show until she started her auditions. I guess it's harsh to judge someone before you've really seen them perform, but I alreaedy don't like her. Being a huge fan of the show and watching every single cycle, it always makes me a little bit angry when some girl gets on the show who has never modeled, never really seen the show, and just wants to go on it for the "experience". I would much rather see someone who has passion for modeling on the show.

Okay, so with that rant out of the way, let's talk about McKey's advantages in the competition. She certainly has a lot of confidence. She claims that her best asset will be her personality, because she is outgoing, friendly, and extremely competitive. Hmm... often friendly and competitive don't go hand in hand, so it will be interesting to see how those character traits work together for her. She even said she's so competitive, she's not afraid to get down and dirty, which to me sounds like she's willing to stab some people in the back or hurt their feelings to get what she wants.

This has definitely been an extremely biased opinion about McKey, so please comment if you see some redeeming quality here that I have missed. I will say that her portfolio pic is pretty good, and she is showing a bit of attitude, but the scrunched up lips just makes it look like she's smelling something funky. Also, her hippie pic is the worst of the bunch. She looks pretty drugged up and almost like she is about to squat to go to the bathroom. Who knows? Maybe after the first few episodes, I will love McKey, but for now... not so much.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration