Saturday, August 30, 2008


Joslyn is a 23 year old student living in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her hometown is Lucky, Louisiana and she is very lucky to have finally made it on to the show.

She has auditioned, like, 30 times and like, Tyra is her role model, so she's like, really excited. Joslyn definitely has a hurdle to overcome with her very southern accent, but it's nothing new to ANTM. Danielle won (what season was that? 6? I am not sure) despite her accent. Of course, Danielle was exceptionally beautiful. I'm not sure about Joslyn yet.

She is definitely looking forward to the makeover, but she had some advice from her mother... no dye. If she puts dye in her new weave, it's gonna fall out. That made me laugh. It sounds like solid advice though.

Joslyn seems very bubbly and excited, and she definitely should be cheered for her determination and her confidence in herself, believing that even though they didn't want her the first 29 times, she still knew that she was good enough to compete. Now, either they saw something in her this time that they did not see before... or this year's models at tryouts just weren't as good as previous years. I think they just finally sat up and took notice of her.

I hope that she does well this season. She certainly has some of the shapeliest legs out of the girls this season. Her hippie chic photo isn't the best though, so she's going to have to turn out some better photos if she wants me to start cheering for her.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration