Friday, August 29, 2008


And now we come to the number one person everyone is talking about this season, 22 year old Isis. She is originally from Prince George's Island, Maryland, but is living in New York, NY. From her video, it sounded like she has some experience modeling already and is comfortable on the runway.

But why is everyone talking about her? If you haven't heard yet, Isis is the first transgender finalist on ANTM. Isis herself has said she is a "woman who was born physically male." I couldn't find any specific information about when Isis made the switch from male to female, but I think this is a more common occurrence than a lot of people realize. Many children are born without a distinctive sex and parents have to choose the sex for their child. Also, some children are born with male anatomy, but female hormones and other tendencies. No matter what Isis' reasons for transforming herself, I hope that people will not judge her just from the fact that she used to have a penis. She should be given the same chance that any of the other girls have. I think it's great that Isis has the courage to go on TV and be honest about who she is.

As for her look, she has a good portfolio pic (if you ignore the poor shoe choice, that is), but this Hippie pic has her with a very strange expression on her face. I think she is really beautiful, though, and has a beautiful skin color. In her video, she presents herself with extreme confidence. It is also good to hear someone say on their video that this is really want they want with all of their heart. That lets you know right from the start that she will give it 100%.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration