Thursday, August 28, 2008


Elina is 19 (although in her video she says she just turned 18, so maybe she just barely was 19 by the time the show filmed) and lives in Seattle, Washington. Her CW profiles says her hometown is Berdichieve, Ukraine, but from her accent and video, I would imagine that she did not live in the Ukraine during her formative years. Maybe she was just born there and her parents are from there.

No matter what the situation is there, it's obvious just looking at her that she has a very different look. Right away, my fiance claimed her as his favorite, which usually means they end up too sexy for the judges and get voted off early. Last season he was nuts about Katarzyna, and she actually stayed around for a while, but unfortunately did not make the top 3. Wait... should I be worried that my fiance is into all these Eastern European girls?

Elina says she is most looking forward to traveling to a different country with top model. Most girls so far have said they are looking forward to the makeover, which doesn't put them aiming too high, since that usually happens by episode 2. (I hope they don't chop off Elina's hair, it's too pretty.) Traveling, however, is usually only reserved for the top 5 or so girls, so Elina has high hopes. She is by far the most confident model so far, saying that she knows she has a strong look and a good voice, and she believes she has more potential than the rest of the girls. I will say that from her video, I'm pretty damn impressed. Her confidence is not lacking, I'll give her that, and she seems to have the goods to back it up. I just hope she doesn't get too sexy with those full lips and ruin her chances for high fashion.


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration