Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Analeigh is a 19 year old from Sacramento, CA, currently living in LA as a student. She was found through a website and asked to come audition for ANTM.

My first impression of Analeigh is that she's tall and lanky, which could be very good for high fashion modeling. Unfortunately, the girl is basically devoid of all curves. Just look at her legs in the picture at the bottom, which, even in high heels cannot manage to create a single sexy curve.

I really like how she looks in this hippie chick picture, though. She's kind of got that Denise Richards style of beauty in her face, and the way she's got her body angled, she's at least creating the illusion of more curves. It's possible that Analeigh could be a versatile model.

On her video, she says that she is eccentric. I am curious to find out what that really means in her eyes. She also claims that her "interesting story" will help her in the competition. I wonder what that story is. Other than that, all I can say is that she talks with her hands a lot, saying things like "I am going to send out the positive energy." Oh, and girl needs a haircut. Sure, her hair looks pretty nice in the hippie pic, but on the video you can really tell that it's too long for her. I can't wait to see what they do to her in the makeover episode. I bet she totally freaks if they cut it short.


Assy said...

omg i love antm my fav is analeigh!

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